About Us

Zhangzhou CNPlantPort Co.,Ltd.

Zhangzhou CNPlantPort Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to cultivate and export houseplants and outdoor plants for home ornament and garden enjoyment since 2010. Zhangzhou is the most famous flowers and plants city in Fujian, China, attracting thousands of buyers of plants and visitors around the world every years.

We have our own farms specialized in exporting and located in Jiuhu, Zhangzhou where is the most important areas for growing Ficus Microcarpa (Ficus Ginseng,Ficus Big Trees,and all kinds of bonsai Ficus) and have been registed in China CIQ for Phyto. At the same time, our farm also supply popular plants like cycad, sansevieria, cactus, bougainvillea, camellia, etc. Our Farm have over 50,000 square meters for plants export, with greenhouses of about 80000 square meters. For long term progress, we built nursery and farms with about 100 hectares to provide a strong R&D and technical support for sustaining cultivation.

Based on the competitive prices & best quality Inspection & Sufficient experience, we can serve customers around the world, and export more than 200 containers of Chinese plants every year.

Until now, our customers are from India, The United State, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Korea , Middle East – East Asian countries. We also make good cooperations for a long time. We sincerely hope we can also begin an nice contact and even a cooperation of plant in the futures.